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Maitrī Path to Wellness
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Maitrī means benevolence, loving-kindness (especially towards oneself), to feel compassion, goodwill, and love towards all beings equally.  The desire that others should be free from suffering and not to cause suffering to others is called benevolence towards all living beings.


Maitrī Path to Wellness is a supportive environment for people with addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, grief, & life transitions. Our focus is on individual client’s needs and helping them find solutions to meet those needs through Individual Psychotherapy Counseling, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, SAP Evaluations, & Individual/Group Substance Use Disorder Counseling.

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How Maitrī Path to Wellness began

Life is a journey that takes us down many paths. Along the way, we may need some support.

When I made the decision to return to school, I wanted to offer compassionate counseling services in my community, the Illinois Valley community. I found that resources were few and very limited. Along my path, I gained the knowledge and skills to become a deeply passionate therapist. The final decision to open my own practice came when I was certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy and personally witnessed how helpful it is in the change process. I am deeply honored to bring this to my community. 

“To provide hope and to help individuals, families and the community to grow, heal, and succeed in ways they never imagined possible through empathy, loving kindness, compassion, respect and innovation.”

"Make each moment an occasion to live deeply, happily in peace."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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